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Standard 2 Hopper Grain Trailer$7,150$6,500
Single Hopper Pup Trailer$5,500$5,000
2 Hopper Pup Trailer$7,150$6,500
4 Hopper Super B (Takes 2 kits)$14,300$13,000
3 Hopper Single Trailer$10,450$9,500
Extra Moisture Sensor$550$500

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 Standard 2 Hopper Grain Trailer
 Single Hopper Pup Trailer
 2 Hopper Pup Trailer
 4 Hopper Super B (Takes 2 kits)
 3 Hopper Single Trailer
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Standard Kit:

6 - Proximity Sensors
1 - Moisture Sensor
1 - Quick-Attach Plug
1 - WiFi Box
Additional base kit contents: Cable, double-side tape, zip ties, cable tie mounts

Load Judge ICON Decal: