From Your Trailer

From Your Trailer
The system compiles data received from six self-calibrating sensors and one moisture sensor inside a grain trailer. This data is inputted into a predetermined algorithm. The system senses proximity and calculates the shape and size of the impending load.

To Your Cab

To Your Cab
Calculated data is instantly transmitted to a free app for the driver’s smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). The entire process can be monitored from the comfort and safety of the cab, leaving the driver to simply pull the trailer ahead as needed while loading occurs.

Save Load Level

Users can set the desired load lines for every operating condition, then save the setting for future use. This feature is customizable and repeatable for every load, and the results are always on the money.

Pile Peak Adjustment

As experienced haulers know, wet and dry commodities pile differently. The Load Judge monitoring system lets users account for the differences in piling wet or dry commodities, and then customize accordingly.

Bushel Estimator

During the loading process, the patented (U.S. Patent Nos. 9,085,381 and 9,169,032) trailer sensors self-calibrate to capture and transmit real-time data, including a "bushel estimator" which is a tool designed to increase or decrease load size adjustments on the fly.

Customize Trailer Types

Data is adjustable based on different trailer makes and models. The app displays the specific commodity configuration graphics for the exact trailer being loaded, and information is instantly transmitted as loading occurs.